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Graphics By Request

The Community Where Any of Your Graphics Requests Come True

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We are a community of four friends, four talents, and four great minds! We love to make graphics and now we would like to share them w/ all of you!!! Not only do we take requests for anything, we have trained people that work on Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop to help you!

  1. NEVER say that the content that you take from the crew is yours.

  2. The Community is strictly for your ideas, comments on our work and questions about us or what to do when maklig graphics, WE get inspiration from YOU -- the request form and everything else is on the website.

  3. Please respect everyone and their work, that includes the crew, and al other members.

  4. REMEMBER you can always e-mail us at grfx_by_rqst@yahoo.com but for requests, you must fill out the form for the particular graphic that you would want on the website!

Here are the members of The Crew. Listeb beliow are all of our sample which are not to be claimed as your own or taken to use in any cirucumstance.

Sample Banner
Sample Blend
Sample Layout
Sample Icon
Sample Friends Only Banners
None Right Now
None Right Now
None Right Now
None Right Now

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